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Our Specializations and Professional Team

Director ‧ School/ NPO/ Corporate Consultant & Service Worker
Dr. Kin-Keung (Dennis) CHEUNG ‧ Registered Social Worker

Community Project Organizer ‧ Senior Lecturer & Teacher ‧ Env. Planner & Designer ‧ Visual Art Maker ‧ Art Therapy Practitioner ‧ Child/Youth Development Advisor 

Dr. Dennis Cheung is the Founder & Director of COMMUNITY BUILDERS, which is a self-sustained creative private business established in 2010 for social mission, providing consultancy, contractor service and support to local & international non-profit making organizations (NPOs), corporations, Chambers of Commerce, schools, universities, Churches and community groups on the design, planning, execution & management of service projects, and advisory & facilitation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/ Corporate Citizenship for corporations. Already well completed 520 service-projects for & with 78 clients, project partners & supporters, mainly on:


  • Using environment design & visual art activities as media for 1) Participatory creation & enhancement on campus/ community space; 2) Whole-person development & social capital enhancement of child/ youth/ community groups; 3) Experiential learning. The main service targets are children & youth. Also design & organize diverse kinds of activities to engage various sectors to joint support & advocacy. (254 projects done, on-going)

  • Improvement of human habitats & the associated social services for the low-income elderly & disabled people living in village/urban squatters/ stilt houses (65 house-projects done in Tai O & Lo Wai villages) & public rental flats (180 house-projects done all over HK). Design & organize volunteering activities to engage schools, universities & corporations. Community education, advocacy & conservation of old architectural pieces/groups & local living culture, etc. (245 projects done in 2011-2014.)

  • Other projects on social services, community place planning & design, cultural conservation; and the concerned stakeholders engagement, research, proposal writing, program evaluation, etc. (21 projects done


Dennis also designs & organizes diverse volunteering activities and trainings (for clients from various sectors) to engage staff/ students from corporations/ schools/ universities to join support; and works on the promotion, PR, resource development, networking & partnership building, HR, coordination & communication between parties for the above projects.


Qualifications in Education, Youth & Community Services: 


  • PhD. Social Sciences. Major in Community Development Planning & Management. Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang ﹣stationed in Georgetown, the World Cultural Heritage Site, to research on worldwide non-profit organizations’ (NPOs) development methodologies for sustainable dwelling & community infrastructure development and disaster relief & preparedness in Southeast Asian developing countries, including corporate social responsibilities (CSR), NPO-business partnerships & community participation. Completed in 2009.

  • MSocSc. Social Work (Part-time). The Chinese University of Hong Kong ﹣ interested in the growth and development of the children & youth from different backgrounds (grassroots/ ethnic minorities/ new arrivals/ special educational needs/ etc.); community development, capacity building & social capital enhancement.

  • Cert. General Mediation (Part-time). SPACE, The University of Hong Kong 

  • Cert. Advanced Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, Education Support to Children with Autism

  • Cert. Expressive Art Therapy, Projective Drawing Assessments, Horticultural Therapy, etc.



Qualifications in Visual Arts, Architecture, Urban Design & Planning: 


  • MSc. Development & Planning. Major in Urban Design. Minor in Environment & Sustainable Development. University College London, U.K. - graduation fieldwork on slum upgrading & community housing design at Kingston Jamaica, and field trips to Germany and various places in the U.K.

  • BArts. Architectural Studies. The University of Hong Kong - with special interest in interior & urban design, under Dean's Honors List in year 1 & 2 and with JH Kinoshita Prize awarded. Exchange study in Russia and field studies in Taiwan & Thailand.

  • Cert. Cultural & Language Studies. Institute of Asian & African Studies, Moscow State University, Russia 

  • Professional Dip. Fine Art (Part-time)

  • Well trained on extensive kinds of Visual Art media 

Work Experiences (1997-2017): 


Dennis has been a University Lecturer teaching, designing & developing courses for master, bachelor and associate degrees. He has also involved in academic research, student supervision and development. He has authored/ coauthored/ achieved 28 publications and awards so far, including international referred academic journal articles, conference papers, periodical articles, public reports, academic awards, corporate awarding schemes and professional design competition awards (e.g., "Design Competition of the Revitalization of Tai O" - 1st Runner-Up, Professional Group). He was a full-time Senior Lecturer (for the courses on Urban/Rural Development, Regeneration & Conservation, Sustainable Development, Business & Sustainability, CSR, Social Enterprise, etc.) at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He at the same time contributed as a Fellow cum Acting Representative for Corporate and Community Engagement and Partnership for the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Penang of United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), which was hosted at USM. He also ever worked at City University of Hong Kong as a part-time Lecturer (for the lectures & workshops on Sustainability Issues in Urban & Rural Development, Participatory Community Planning, Grassroots Community Development, NPO Project Planning & Implementation, etc.); as a full-time Instructor and part-time Lecturer (for the courses on Architectural Design, Social & Environmental Studies, and their local & overseas learning activities, etc.); as a part-time Visiting Associate (for Service-Learning Program, tutoring students on Volunteer Service at NPO, Organization & Project Analysis, Project Design & Implementation, Service Enhancement, Operation Improvement, Marketing & Communications, Donor & Volunteer development, etc.) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and as a part-time Lecturer/ Project Supervisor for the University of Central Lancashire, U.K. (hosted at H.K. VTC School for Higher & Professional Education) (for the dissertation topics about Barrier-free Building & Public Space Design, Hong Kong Housing Issues, etc.). Dennis then served The University of Hong Kong as a full-time Lecturer (for NPO Networking & Partnerships, Community Projects Development, Student Training & Supervision, Fund Consultancy, Advocacy & Preparation of Experiential Learning Courses, Internships & Student Volunteer Service Programs with teachers & students, etc.); and joined the Caritas Institute of Higher Education as an Associate Director in Student Affairs, cum Chairman of Scholarships & Awards Selection Panel, etc. (till 2017).  


Alongside with university's work, Dennis has also served as a Project Consultant/ Director/ Manager/ Officer/ Tutor at NPOs. He worked as a Project Officer/ Deputy Project Manager at CUPEM, The University of Hong Kong, involving in providing research and professional consultancy services to district councils, governmental bodies and UNESCO. Projects were mainly about the NPO-Business Partnership, Stakeholder Engagement Exercise, Community Participatory Design & Planning, Community Capacity Building, CSR and Education for Sustainable Development, Environmental and Cultural Conservation. His previous practice also included serving as the Principal Consultant in Human Settlements, Community Development & CSR (Hong Kong National Office) (2010-11) of Habitat For Humanity (HFF, an international non-profit housing organization), Acting Program Director (2010-11, for 40 houses) and Consultant (2011-12) for HFH China's Tai O Stilt House Repairing & Community Development Program, and Consultant (2012- Jun2014) for HFH China's Green Joyful Home for Disabled- House Repairing Program; and as an Assistant Project Officer cum Honorary Advisor of Young Envoys Club (on Education, Advocacy, Community Development & Volunteer Activities Management) of United Nations Children's Fund (Hong Kong Committee For UNICEF). Since 1997, Dennis has worked for several primary/ secondary/ adult schools and youth/ family/ elderly/ mentally handicapped centers under Chinese Y.M.C.A., Caritas, Bradbury, ELCHK and etc. in Hong Kong as an Education Consultant, part-time Teacher/ Tutor, Placement Worker and Volunteer for their programs and activities in Visual Arts, Design, English, Child Development, New Arrivals Inclusion and various social services. He has rich work and field-trip experience in HK, Macau, Taiwan and about 20 countries in Asia & the Pacific, Europe and the Caribbean, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Jamaica, Russia, Germany, Sweden and the U.K.  



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Professional Project Team


We Community Builders is composed of field practitioners, local community leaders, educators, community workers, experienced workshop facilitators, project coordinators and quality university graduates. The specialized subjects of our team members include:


  • community planning & development

  • human settlement development

  • interior & architectural design

  • landscape & urban design 

  • urban planning, upgrading, revitalization & regeneration

  • nature, cultural & built heritage conservation

  • culture, art, design & production

  • education & youth development

  • social service & community work

  • corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We form a project-based working team of suitable skill & subject specializations from our pool of project specialists & executives to well-cater your project’s needs.



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